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  • Stunning Design

    Clean & Modern design with 12 unique demos.
  • Flawless Execution

    A great product can only be outmatched by a better service and that's what we offer

Awcanyc serve young Asian women composers from all over the world to share their story through music and then turns their music into sellable products. 15% of sales empower our composers to create change in their communities through music, allowing them to share their story.

Our Composers come from all backgrounds and represent diverse ethnic, religious and socio-economic backgrounds.

Benefits of Membership

AWCANYC is a cooperative and thrives through the active participation of its members. Members help out by serving on committees, or by working on individual projects in either an occasional or ongoing way. See for yourself if you would like to join – attend our next concert and workshop. For information, please write to

Benefits of membership include:

  • Active participation in our monthly music concert, with opportunities to “test fly” your works in progress.
  • Free entrance to all events: Concerts, readings, workshops.
  • In The Loop updates publicizing professional opportunities, the AWCANYC’s latest news, and performances of AWCANYC members (including your own!).
  • The opportunity to submit scores for possible performance in concert.
  • The opportunity to submit scores for possible performance on recorded readings.
  • Extended professional opportunities through the pooling of resources.
  • The opportunity to be part of an expanding new music network of composers and performers that includes some of New York City’s finest musicians, and the increased opportunities for creative exchange, collaboration and professional development that this brings.
  • Inclusion in our Members page, with a link to your own website.